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Our new program

Why of this new program?

As we see every day, the future for all living and non-living beings on this planet is not so positive anymore. Global challenges like climate change or poverty cannot be solved with technology or political policies. In order to create a brighter future for all and reach a higher level of consciousness and progress, there is a radical change in the mindset and lifestyle of the societies that contribute more to the ecological disaster. It is thus necessary to develop new societal paradigms that acknowledge our interconnectedness and interdependence with Nature* and develop an emotional connection with it. Only in this way, we can propose real solutions which harmoniously coexist with the rest.
* Nature is here understood as “all the animals (including humans), plants and other living beings in the world and all the features, forces, and processes that exist or happen, such as the weather, the sea, mountains, reproduction, and growth”.

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Some background

In the last five centuries, we have created an anthropocentric (individualistic, economy-based, materialistic) society that has given excessive attention to develop our mind and please our superficial needs. Our current society loves to take care of itself and well-being by accumulating power, money and stuff without considering the rest. This has harden our hearts to the point of stopping valuing, admiring and respecting other living and not living beings and appreciating all natural wisdom.
We are Nature but we deny our animality and have becoming distant and “observers” of the “external” environment… This attitude make us think that we can use Nature to fulfil our needs but also our non-sense purposes (e.g. money making, creating power, pleasing our desires, etc.). And to achieve this, we are allowed to damage, pollute, destroy or exploit nature without limits. We are destroying our home and ourselves and all living creatures in the way… And we have started to see all final and catastrophic consequences: industrial farms, deforestation, poverty, collapse of ecosystems, discrimination, polarization, pandemics, biodiversity loss and climate change. These last two problems (biodiversity loss and climate change) are of great importance because all living beings on this planet are being threatened with extinction.
We have taken a wrong direction because we have lost “true” connection with Nature… we need to feel our animality and naturality again and create an emotional attachment to the natural environments that surround us; and recognize our interdependence and interconnectedness with it.
So, we urgently need to change. The current situation is much more complex than this, but we have to start somewhere to create a better future… and we have to believe in the power of the individual as part of a community…

Vision Statement

Art + Tech Society (ATS) believes that if our society wants to reach a higher level of consciousness and progress, there is a need to shift our socio-cultural mindset. It is thus necessary to develop new nature-centric or post-anthropocentric mindsets where we understand and recognize the grandiose value of Nature and develops a sense of belonging. A new mindset where humanity creates a symbiotic relationship with Nature and contributes positively with its evolution by respecting, taking care and regenerating it. In this new society, people are voluntarily willing to assimilate healthier lifestyles and create beneficial means of production.
We can create this new society by awakening our emotions and spirit and make them be an important part of this new mindset. This can allow us to truly reconnect with ourselves and with nature again and motivate us to act and radically change our future. This new mindset can be developed by:
• Personally knowing, accepting and loving ourselves. Acknowledge our fears, limitations but also strengths and talents. 
• Quieting our mind and focus on our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) which can make us think and feel in another way and rediscover the world around us. 
• By being curious about nature and observing, exploring and discovering its way of working and its beautiful imperfections and intelligence. 
• By reflecting about the positive or negative impact of our major and minor decisions and actions, we can understand our interconnectedness and interdependence.

If we start loving Nature, we don’t have to sacrifice nor have to suffer or compromise, we will simply be happier by doing good to the ones we love.
Imagine… what if we design and create gardens that can make local insects and birds happy (instead of pleasing our human eyes)?… what if we forbid cars in our streets, take all pavement or stones out and let all kinds of aboriginal plants and animals like mol, hedgehog and all creatures that live on the ground make the city their home again?… what if se use our hands and develop new technologies to regenerate the local natural environments?…

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