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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world” Albert Einstein.

Art and Tech Society’s ambitions are not small.

However, we will start in a local and small way with two complementary Programs:

Our Programs


These are a series of lectures, open discussions and workshops where experts can share new insights, concepts or best practices on topics related with nature.  This program aims to make our target audience to reflect and become more critical our current societal paradigms or own assumptions, learn from other perspectives and trigger their imagination to start proposing alternative paths.

Complete description of this program

This program is a platform for artists, designers, biologists, anthropologists and other scientific and technological experts to expose new concepts a/o best practices about how changing our perception and relations with Nature can make people to propose new solutions.

We will cover questions like: Does nature have intrinsic value? Are we part of nature? Are technology and nature two oppositive poles? Are you able to learn from nature with millions of years of experience? 

Our activities can help participants to develop abilities like critically thinking, reflection and persuade them to start a discussion with experts, peers and people from other disciplines about how this mindset impact our daily lives by influencing our decision-making process. In this way, they can become aware of it and take responsibility towards society. During our events, we will also ask people: what role do you want to play in this new society? Our activities will also offer workshops where participants can become more creative which help them to envision and propose different value-based alternatives in the future. The goal is to stimulate artistic thinking and working.


Activating and empower an enthusiastic group of professionals

Supported by Baltan Laboratories, as venue sponsors that shares the vision of empowering young talents to make, in an impactful way, a contribution to the local, national or global community, ATS has already created a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary group of 30 enthusiasts (with 14 nationalities and 12 different disciplines). Most of them are working or studying full-time, yet have found a way to invest several hours per week (as volunteers) in projects that contribute to creating a better city for the future right now.

Complete description of this program

The Transition Lab is a cultural incubator that aims to empower a team of young citizens to make, in an impactful way, a contribution to the local community by start shaping the city we love to live in.

During 2021-2023 we will cover the topic: “Art + Tech for Nature” and motivate participants to come with innovative concepts that tackle problems like climate change.

Way of working. ATS has gathered a team of 30 young talents from a multidisciplinary and multicultural background to be part of the local social factory. During 2021, it will make an open call to create a larger team of young talents to physically or virtually meet once a month with other members. During these meetings they are encouraged to work in an open collaborative way, sharing knowledge and building on each other’s strengths and capabilities. This creates synergy and inspire the creation of new ideas. To increase approach, they get entrepreneurial, technological and artistic advice and support to find the resources (e.g. financials means) to pursue on the realization of their own ideas and initiatives. They are also train on the Design Thinking Methodology. Methodology to be used for the realization of their projects.

Our Projects


We have two running initatives started and developed within our organization:

  • Since 2019, our current cohort have worked in projects that increase Social Participation of the city of Eindhoven. They have developed and successfully run two projects:
    Connecting Eindhoven: series of workshops where participants get to know new people and existing activities in the city while socializing and having fun. It has run more than 10 successful games.
  • Equal Table: a series of table discussions that cover key relevant topics of our society (e.g. bullying), encouraging participants to share, listen and understand different perspectives, seeking to create empathy among them. It has run more than 15 sessions.
Additional information

But we have new starting initiatives like:

Design4DiverCity: is an starting and is an action-research project that breaks cultural and language barriers to build insights and inform big stakeholders to understand the needs and concerns of smaller, previously unincluded stakeholders.

ATS Expert Team: is a group of professionals with expertise in the high-tech and creative sector, willing to support artists and designers for the realization of their projects.

Art + Tech Society also supports two external projects:

R-Energy: which is a renewable energy project which is developing a windmill to be installed on top of buildings and small constructions.

FysiekFabriek: this project is improving the well-being of people by putting in contact the maker who can bring solutions to the daily problems of people with physical disabilities


Why should you join us?

Art + Tech Society is a platform and network where you can:

  • Learn from new insights or innovative concepts.

  • Collaborate with “like minded” people and experts, who are members of the Transition Lab. Here you can get inspired and can generate new ideas a/o its members will support you by sharing their knowledge and competences with you. 

  • Get support to develop your ideas. You will be the owner and ATS will provide enough support and the means so you can go from concept definition to a running initiative.

  • We expect from you your committment to your project and to our organization.

If you are interested to know more or being involved in our activities, then contact us.

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