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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world” Albert Einstein.

Art + Tech Society’s ambitions are not small.

However, we will start in a local and small way with one Program:

Our New Program

RE-Connecting with Nature

Why of this new program?

As we see every day, the future for all living and non-living beings on this planet is not so positive anymore. Global challenges like climate change or poverty cannot be solved with technology or political policies. In order to create a brighter future for all and reach a higher level of consciousness and progress, there is a radical change in the mindset and lifestyle of the societies that contribute more to the ecological disaster. It is thus necessary to develop new societal paradigms that acknowledge our interconnectedness and interdependence with Nature and develop an emotional connection with it. Only in this way, we can propose real solutions which harmoniously coexist with the rest.

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Why should you join us?

Art + Tech Society is a platform and network where you can:

  • Learn from new insights or innovative concepts.

  • Collaborate with “like minded” people and experts, who are members of the Transition Lab. Here you can get inspired and can generate new ideas a/o its members will support you by sharing their knowledge and competences with you. 

  • Get support to develop your ideas. You will be the owner and ATS will provide enough support and the means so you can go from concept definition to a running initiative.

  • We expect from you your committment to your project and to our organization.

If you are interested to know more or being involved in our activities, then contact us.

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