The smart stove and the composted old man

Authors: Cecile Espinasse, Zubin Nayak, Beant Kaur Dhillon and Claudia Schleicher.

Facilitator: Mayra Ortega-Maldonado

Date: February 26, 2021.

Internet of stove (IoS) : oh my god! This will be an interesting day today : the cooking group of the “elder-kid home” this week are all foreigners! They will make me burn with new weird spices!? And require me to deal with recipes I have never cooked before. (there’s an international competition among the internet of stoves and our IoS is in the 5th position, the final points will be tallied in 3 days, out IoS needs to cook something out of the world to come into the top three)
So based on the last five days temperature and moisture they figure out that mushrooms should have grown around the sewage system. Luckily my touchscreen also gives light in the dark.
I want to send some humans into the drain pipes…

Because elderly are not good with staircases they send the children with me to pick up the mushrooms. Kids are quite afraid so one of the elderly hold a rope that they can follow back.
The elderly are better at picking up ingredients from the trees and directs the children on how to pick them up. As the kids come back pulling on the rope, the elderly unfortunately falls into the drain … and unfortunately dies… but it’s a good death.. arranging food the community and in free spirit.. his body is fortunately retrieved… it will fetch a lot of MIZOcoins as human bodies (and especially the oldies) are rich in nitrogen oxide which is good for local food production.

The food is weird… fluorescent pink and yellow food… but it’s tasty… and heavenly.. it inspires a spirit….. it inspires all the (elderly) people to start sharing their stories.
The elderly start to sing the songs from their childhood in their own languages… which makes strange sort of beautiful cacophony … they remember their comrade who fell into the drain in order to procure ingredients for good food.
At first, they were a bit wary and hesitant because they found the fluorescent pink and yellow food to be strange. But once they tasted it, they went crazy. The food was gone in 15 minutes and now they want more, they thinkI am hiding food from them :O!
Ahhh!! my wheels are hurting as I am trying to escape the elder/kinder home with the humans running after me! Who would have thought that elderly people could run so fast?! And that they would like so much??