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Art + Tech Society is a new foundation established in Eindhoven, committed to contribute to the creation of a better world by using art, technology and entrepreneurship as enablers of social innovation. We do and will activate and empower people, organizations and communities to collaborate.

September is about our new program “Cultural Expeditions”

Live presentation:

Do we need a paradigm shift to create a brighter future?

by Mayra Orteg-Maldonado

Date: Thursday Sep 10th at 17:45

Place: Kazerne, Eindhoven


About the presentation

To solve the problems that society currently encounters like climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, biodiversity loss, is necessary a shift on our societal paradigms (or mental models). ATS believes that as a society, we need to think and act differently in order to propose innovative solutions and paths that transform us to a better society. For this, at personal and community level, we need to develop and practice new soft abilities that enable us to envision and create together a city where all of us love to live in.
During this presentation, you will hear Art + Tech Society’s perspective on this paradigm shift and the actions that is taking to start creating change at local level.

Info about the speaker

Mayra is a sustainability consultant with  experience developing sustainability-oriented projects. This experience has made her realized that empowerment of people and communities can radically change people’s life. In 2009, by following her passion for nature, she introduced the concept of Biomimicry in the Netherlands. And in 2016, she discovered the potentiality of the combination art, technology and entrepreneurship as societal change agents. This was the motto to initiate and now manage Art + Tech Society.

Equal Table – Open Discussion:

Do we need to change our relatioinship with the natural environment?

Moderated by Mayra Orteg-Maldonado

Date: Thursday Sep 10th at 18:30

Place: Kazerne, Eindhoven



About this open discussion

Equal table is a new type of workshop, interactive discussions. Promotes a positive conversation giving everyone involved a voice (even the ones who usually are more reluctant to speak) without judgement (every perspective is valid as long as its respectful). It also adds the value to not only focus on the what you are discussing, but also the how you are discussing it, from hearing feedback from other participants on how you were perceived.

During this event, you will share your thoughs and experiences with people with different opinion. This can make you reflect on own thoughs, learn from new perspectives and feel empathy for others.


Live game:

Connecting Eindhoven

Edition “Stories of Eindhoven”

Date: Thursday Sep 17th – 19:00 – 21:30

Place: Baltan Laboratories

Price: 2.5 Euros + admin costs

Interested to envision Eindhoven of the future while having fun with other nice people like you? then, do not miss this creative game !!


About this game

Connecting Eindhoven, edition Stories of Eindhoven.

After running three games during the summer with this edition and getting a general score higher than 8 from participants, we are enthusiastic to run it again.

So, you are very welcome to experience this game with us.

Connecting Eindhoven is a series of editions where young professionals and 18+ students , in a funny way, meet new people and get to know the city.

In this new edition (Stories of Eindhoven), you and your team will get all ingredients to envision Eindhoven of the future and express it in a creative and funny way.

The perfect players are the ones that are creative, are open to new ideas and love to have fun.

You dont have to be an artist or designer, but to be open to create something with your team mates and enjoy a nice evening together.


Bring with you an electronic device where you can work like a tablet/i-pad or laptop

The agenda of the event:

19:00 – Welcome words

19:15 – Intro to the game and division into teams

19:30 – Warm-up activities to get to know each other

20:00 – The real game starts

20:45 – Presenting and evaluating stories

21:00 – Award ceremony !!

21:30 – End of the game

Afterwards, you are inviting to have some drinks at the cafe of Natlab

Book your place now

Curious about how to envision Eindhoven with some other creative people like you?

This game is running with only 13 participants, so do not miss it and book it now !!

Do not forget to invite your friends !!

If you cannot get a ticket anymore, please send us an email to info@art-and-technology.org. We can include you in the waiting list.

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