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October 2022

Groen Cafe Evenement:

‘Trees in the lead’ by Tom van Duuren

Date: Tuesday October 18th from 19:30 – 20:00

Place: The Public Library Eindhoven.

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About this Event:

During this warm and dry summer, climate experts highlighted once again the great the importance of large trees to cool the environment. The trees do this by evaporating moisture and creating a thick ground layer that retains humidity. They also clean the air and support biodiversity at a local level, among many other ecological functions. Thus, we should give trees a leading role to create a better urban environment. For this, we need to take a more active attitude and support them by caring for them and letting them grow optimally because this leading role is better done by larger trees than by small and young ones.

But what does a tree need to grow old? During this lecture you will understand what the optimal conditions are for trees to grow and which factors slows or hinder their development. And what can you do today!!

About Tom van Duuren

Tom is known in the Eindhoven region as ‘the tree man’. His love for trees and nature started while studying forestry and agricultural technology in the Netherlands. As he describes himself, he is not only a “tree man”, he is a holistic person who likes to cover different perspectives. His areas of expertise are trees, growing places, landscapes and atmospheres in landscapes. With all the knowledge and expertise that he has gained in the last decades, he currently advises local governments and other organizations to design cities where people can enjoy and experience the landscape or propose new directions for forest development.

About the Groen Cafe

The Groen Café is an initiative founded by Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven and supported by the Eindhoven Library, Stichting Art + Tech Society, het Wasvenboerderij and IVN Veldhoven Eindhoven Vessem. By structurally organizing nature-oriented events, we want to create awareness, get people informed and create a solid stage for Eindhoven to give more attention to themes such as the environment, sustainability and nature which can support the development of Eindhoven region.

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