Events October 2019

October 2019 is about “Human Technology Interaction”

Live Event:

Human Technology Interaction, a key factor in our times

This topic is covered by three presentations:

1. Designing Human-Machine Collaboration with Emma van Zoelen (MSc TU/e)

2. Lifetime Warranty with Timothy L.C. Liu

3. Speculating on Non-human design with Arvid Jense and Marie Caye (Arvid&Marie)

Date: Thursday October 3rd, 2019 from 17:45 to 19:00

earn Mor

About this event

1. Designing Human-Machine Collaboration with Emma van Zoelen (MSc TU/e)

As artificially intelligent systems become more ubiquitous, more and more tasks will arise in which humans and machines collaborate to make optimal use of the qualities of both. This is a step further than regular human-computer interaction: questions of responsibility, trust and mutual adaptability are even more important. How should we deal with this in design, and how can we research such topics?

2. Lifetime Warranty with Timothy L.C. Liu

Domestic appliances are our digital companions that bring the forward-looking, the progressive and the innovative into our everyday lives. In the coming years emotions and technology will become so intertwined with each other that the domestic appliances might also choose their significant users. How do we choose the best appliance partner from the unlimited options? Will they also have a say in the contractual promise for a lifelong warranty?

3. Speculating on Non-human design with Arvid Jense and Marie Caye (Arvid&Marie)

What will be our apocalypse? To avoid the further destruction of our world, we need to realize we are sharing it with many other entities, animals, systems and more recently also machines. Arvid&Marie are developing an approach to design for the non-human and to discuss the implications of a technological world.

We can design for a collaborative future between human and non-human, organic and non-organic

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City Game:

Connected: Conquering Future Eindhoven

This event is about meeting new people, solving challenges and getting to know the city in a funny way

Date: Friday October 4th, 2019 from 18:00 to 21:00

earn Mor

About Conquering the future city game

It is 2153 and you have been invited by the government of the United States of Eurasia (USE) as one of the most capable warriors to re-take the city of Eindhoven.

The United States of Eurasia is a coalition of 500 cities which was created on 2080 after the dramatic changes caused by climate change. This USE with other 500 cities is taking care of water, air and ground to make local communities comfortable. They takes cares of their well-being and development of local communities and people as well.

Unfortunately, the city of Eindhoven has been conquered by dangerous tribes with different goals; and now, the environment and people are suffering. You have been assigned in this challenging assignment by working in teams, split and recover one part of the city; to finally re-conquering the whole city.

The team which ends faster and with more points, wins the game and will become part of the government to control of Eindhoven and serve the United States of Eurasia.

The agenda of the event

18:00 doors open, start with warm up games

18:30 division into teams

19:00 game starts

21:00 will be the deadline to come back from assignments

21:15 Award ceremony with drinks and snacks !!

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