Events January 2021

January is about “Rethinking our path towards sustainability”

Online Interactive Event:

Paradigm shifts, we do it together

by Mayra Ortega & Hugo Pilate  

Date: Thursday January 14th 17:45 – 18:30

We do not only need to be innovative to solve problems, but also assume responsibility and collaborate with others.


About this event

The sustainability challenges are getting more urgent than ever. To solve them, we need to create new paradigms where citizens take a proactive role by assuming healthier and more sustainable behaviors. Besides, we we cannot this alone, we need to collaborate with other to identify innovative solutions for local problems.
Where are the most critical sustainability challenges in our city? Our region? Where are the “easy wins”?, How do you envision Eindhoven as a sustainable city? And which role will we play?
Mayra Ortega Maldonado and Hugo Pilate from Art + Tech Society are inviting you to join an interactive session where together we will explore sustainable projects for ATS to tackle this coming year and create a meaningful impact in the near future.

About the speakers, facilitators

Mayra is a sustainability consultant and managing director of Art + Tech Society, a new foundation in Eindhoven committed to create a better future by providing activities where reflection, awareness and empowerment of people and organizations takes place.

Hugo is a franco-american design researcher trying to make sense of the world we’ve built for ourselves while exploring alternative modes of living, earning, thinking, one project at a time. He is a strategic designer at Art + Tech Society.

Take a look at this event

The question of this month is:

What is the future that you envision?

And how would our future society look like if we consider the short and long term impact of our action?

Image created by artist Aurko Deb Roy Pranto 

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