Events January 2020

January is about “Electromagnetic Fields and its impact on our daily lives”

Online Interactive Event:

Electromagnetic Fields and its impact on our daily lives

This topic was covered by three presentations:

1. “EMF’s, an under looked topic in the Energy Transition” given by Rino Groenenberg

2. “EMF and health” Given by Martine Vriens

3. “Aesthetic EMF protection wear”, given by Rian Smolenaers

 Date: Thursday January 16th, 2020 17:45 – 19:00


About this event

1. “EMF’s an underlooked topic in the Energy Transition”

The Energy Transition is going full through, but are we aware of EMF’s? Aren’t we underestimating its danger? Smart Meters, Solar Panels, LED lights might all be causing pollution, without experts acknowledging this danger; therefore, a holistic approach is needed.

About Rino Groenenberg . Rino has a bachelor’s degree on real state (Built environment) and a master degree from the TU/e on Building Physics and Services, where he got interested in healthy buildings. He is currently expert on Healthy and Sustainable Buildings

2. “EMF and health”

During this presentation you will hear the personal experience of Martine Vries, a sensitive person to EMF’s. This has radically affected her health, life style and professional orientation. She will also toak about her current projects with academic institutions about EMF and health.

About Martine Vries . She is currently a legal adviser on EMF and health and co-founder of Let’s Talk About Tech and Stop 5GNL.

3. “Aesthetic EMF protection wear”

We live in a world where everyone and everything is connected. Technology is constantly part of our everyday lives. And it’s still developing. We are bathing in a smog of radiation, 24/7.

Are we sure it has no influence on our health? What does all the electromagnetic radiation from wireless communication do to our body and mind? Shouldn’t we protect ourselves with the right materials and products in an aesthetic way?

About Rian Smolenaers . She is a Material and space designer. She graduated in Interieur and Exterior Design at SintLucas, Boxtel and Man and Communication at Design Academy, Eindhoven. She currently started her company Materians focused on material innovation and space design. Her studio is located at PLAN-B. Rian believes that tactility and colour are key to bridge the gap between humans and technology. Her passion is to create innovative, smart materials for spaces and apparel, but most important: to find new tactility in this world where technology development is growing faster than ever.

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