December 2020 Events

December is about “Technology and the future”

Online open discussion:

Robots – Trick or Treat?

by Fanfei Kim  

Date: Thursday December 3rd 19:00 – 21:00


About the Equal Tabel Open Discussion

Nowadays we see robots having more presence on our daily lives as cleaning machines or personal assistants. And it is forecast that robots will have more important roles in our future as healthcare assistants, as social company, to manage our home resources (e.g. like food, energy, water, etc.) and perhaps they will also take care and educate our children.

But the deployment of autonomous robots in public environments is still not taking place. In the future we will co-exist with them in the same outside environment (e.g. streets, parks) but if we won’t have direct interaction with them, it is very likely that we will interfere with robots’ task.

How would be your reaction if we suddenly find one on the street as mailman? Would you be curious about how it works? Would you try to interact with you?

Art + Tech Society together with Equal Table is organizing this interesting discussion about boundaries of mistreating robot. Some people accuse those behaviors of mistreating a robot, whereas others hold the idea that robots are just machine.

Let’s talk about it. Join our discussion on December 3d!

Info about the moderator

Kim is an Industrial design and Human Technology Interaction Engineer. She is keen on taking challenges and finding solutions to optimize the way of implementing technologies into human society. With a great passion and enthusiasm for technology and design, she was awarded in multiple design competitions.

Kim has just got a MSc title at the Eindhoven University of Technology, being her Master graduate project: Trick or treat: the effect of pseudo presence of a human operator in bystanders mistreating robot.

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Online presentation:

Co-creating Alternative Futures by Hugo Pilate

Date: Thursday December 10th from 17:45 to 18:45

How can we imagine and envision a better future together? Do digital games and online collaborative tools can help us on that? 


About this presentation

Our cities are constantly shape shifting, how would you like to inform your city’s transformations?

Intro. The challenging times we live on, have made us imperative that our cities become radically more sustainable and inclusive.

Many entrepreneurial citizens have taken matters into their own hands and set on this path by organizing local programs, prototyped innovations in their garages, and started to create answers to the challenges our cities are facing.

However, they often lack the reach and local support they’d need to succeed.

During this presentation, you will hear how using games and online collaborative tools, we can imagine and envision together new neighborhoods and cities.

About Hugo Pilate

Hugo is a franco-american design researcher trying to make sense of the world we’ve built for ourselves while exploring alternative modes of living, earning, thinking, one project at a time.

This presentation is organized together with Innovation Cafe Eindhoven, Kazerne.


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Online workshop:

Connecting Eindhoven – Edition “Exploring Near Futures”

Date: Friday December 18th from 19:00 to 22:00

Are you creative, eager to explore the limits of technology and interested to envision a more sustainable future? Then, join us!!



About this Event

Envisioning Sustainable Energy Generation of the Future
It is 2050, the Netherlands. In the past 25 years there have been many changes in the country and worldwide around energy generation.

The UN has declared a policy that mandates that energy generation of the future must go beyond electric energy. Thus society must pursue the development of new sources of energy generation that are more sustainable and match with nature boundaries.

“Exploring Near Futures” edition, is a self-facilitated creative and virtual event in which you will have a chance to collaboratively craft a glimpse of a possible and desirable future you’d like to work towards. During 3-hours, you and your team members will be challenged to envision and create an inspiring and innovative story.

Are we, as society, prepare to change our consumption patterns to satisfy the needs of all in the future? Are we ready to share knowledge and welfare to create a fairer economy? And how does this future look like if we will use more mechanical, thermal or chemical energy for our needs? Have you ever considered bio-mechanical artifacts as transportation means? Or gadgets that do not use electricity but react to sound, light, odors or vibrations to perform actions?

Your imagination is the limit! Come and join us!

About this framework

This workshop is using a framework developed by the Swiss organization Futurs Proches that invites citizens of different cities to write desirable stories and re-enchant our imaginations. Futurs Proches has successfully run workshops in the last two years in places like Switzerland and France.

Agenda of the event

  • Intro to “Exploring Near Futures”
  • Intro to the workshop and case
  • Working on teams to envision a better future
  • Sharing outcome and discussing inspiring insights
  • Closing and next steps


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