April 2019 Events

May was about “Serious gaming or gamification”

Live presentation:

Serious games to create a better world in a playful way by with Rene Luigies

Date: Thursday April 4th 17:45-19:00


About this presentation

Serious games become a major game changer. In healthcare they are used to collect data from patients and healthcare workers. These data are applied again with the objective to change behavior, to influence lifestyle and above all, to create a positive life, all in a playful maner. It all fits in the objective of a global paradigm shift, not to treat sickness to make people happy, but to create positive health and wellbeing in order to avoid sickness. And this does not only apply to healthcare, but also to employment forces, even to the overall society. Our intention is to reach 1 billion people in five years to create a better world. During the workshop you will see and experience several games / tools with this purpose. And you will be asked to score a “like it” (leuk) or “don’t like it”(jeuk) on post-its. At the end we will collect these, categorize and come to a conclusion how every body can support to change the world with gaming techniques. All you need to bring is a good mood and a sense of humor.

About Rene Luigies

René Luigies is the business development manager at Games Solutions Lab (social entrepreneurship) which supports the foundation Games for Health Europe. Rene joined the organization in 2011 by being part of the first conference “Games for Health Europe”. This conference is dedicated to serious games. Its evolution is from a creative minds conference to today’s scientific version. Visitors from all over the globe present their experiences, designs, sciences related to serious games.

Based on our expertise, we were approached to develop and design serious games. That was the start of the Game Solutions Lab where René is responsible for the business development and maintains contacts with the government, the EU and other stakeholders. Call him a social entrepreneur and network builder.

More info about Games for Health Europe (https://www.gamesforhealtheurope.org) and Games Solutions Lab (https://gamesolutionslab.com/)

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