The amazing story of Barry’s berries -Part 1-

Authors: Theodora Rahayuni, Jorim Theuns, Ceren Bagatar

Facilitator: Hugo Pilate

Date: February 26, 2021.

Barry looks out his window at his garden and asks Jeeves:
?️ Barry: “Jeeves, what’s in the garden? There’s some leeks left right? Anything I should know about?”
?️‍?️ Jeeves: “There’s been a catastrophe, Barry”
The ethereal voice spoke nervously from every speaker in the room:
?️‍?️ Jeeves: ”I didn’t want to tell you, but our sweet potato harvest may have failed. I’m detecting Alternaria bacteria and blue mold rot”
?️ Barry “Oh no! This is what I was planning to make for my Margot and Eddy who are coming over later today, they only like sweet stuff and these are hard to come by these days! I was going to make sweet potato fries!”
?️‍?️ Jeeves: “I’m sorry, Barry…”
After the initial scene with Barry, we cut to Cooper Sage Cliff Presley, wind whipping through her hair as she abseils down the regent tower in central Eindhoven.
?️ CSCP: “How are the raspberries Jeeves?”
?️‍?️ Jeeves: “Most excellent Cooper Sage Cliff Presley! No sign of the parasitic fungus you cleared up last week, we’re looking at a bounty harvest”
Little did Cooper Sage Cliff Presley know that there would be far too many raspberries on Regent tower that day.
Jeeves knows what Jeeves knows, and as such, realises they can connect Barry to Cooper Sage Cliff Presley to match supply and demand. But Jeeves knows from Barry’s search history that he wouldn’t be inclined to help the large corporate farm. Cunningly, Jeeves contacts the voice assistant on the neighbours network , aptly titled: “Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!”.
?️‍?️ Jeeves: “Would you like to buy some raspberries from Cooper Sage Cliff Presley and trade them with me for some nice heirloom leeks?”
?️‍?️ Jarvis: “sure Jeeves, I’ll see what i can do”
?️‍?️ Jeeves: “Thanks Jarvis”

Margot and Eddy arrive at the house and look at each other as they ring the bell…
?️ Eddy: “Arrgh I hate grandpas sweet potato fries!!!”
?️ Margot: “And I hate acting like I love them each time!”

?️ Barry: (apologetic in his voice) “Kids, I’ve cooked a surprise meal for you, something different this time.. “
?️ Barry: “Tadaaa…”
?️ Margot: (Opens her eyes wide) “This is amazing grandpa!! I love soup!!!!!! what is it made of?” (raspberries)
?️ Eddy (Enthusiastically): “What is it? What is it?”
Eating together…
?️ Margot and Eddy: “This is amazing grandpa!”… “can I have more..”
?️ Eddy: “Margot, could you pass me some more please?”

Barry whispers behind the table:
?️ “Jeeves, are there any more raspberries left? they finished it all?”
?️‍?️ Jeeves: “Ehm, well.. I can order more for you, Barry.. if you want to cook it again?”
?️Barry: “Don’t worry, Jeeves.. I’ll go to Klomps and ask myself.. haven’t seen them for a while”
?️‍?️ Jeeves: (internal monologue) oh no…

To be continued…